Our lab works in the field of experimental condensed matter physics with a focus on spintronics. We design and probe magnetic nanoscale heterosructures and devices. Employing spectroscopic methods in the regimes of low frequecies, microwave, terahertz frequencies, we study spin dynamics and spin transport. One of our goals is to better understand the interplay of spins and lattice and to develop energy-efficient spintronics applications.

Research topics

- Antiferromagnetic spintronics
- Magnonic condensates
- Nonlinear spin dynamics
- Spin transport and applications


Broadband inductive and spin-torque ferromagnetic resonance (0-40 GHz, two units).

Microwave emission spectroscopy (0-20 GHz).


He cryostat (1.8-300 K) with access for microwave spectrometer and electromagnet.

Several electromagnets (up to 3 T).

THz spectrometer (modulated and continuous wave, monochromatic, polarized, 0.05-2.7 THz).

Micromagnetic simulations (two high-end GPUs).

3D plastic printer for part design and rapid prototyping.

Optical microscope and simple wetbench.

Shared facilities: PPMS, SEM, TEM, XRD, nanofabrication.