Interplay of spins and lattice

Our lab works in the field of experimental condensed matter physics with a focus on spintronics. We design and probe magnetic nanoscale heterosructures and devices. Employing spectroscopic methods in the regimes of low frequecies, microwave, terahertz frequencies, we study spin dynamics and spin transport. One of our goals is to better understand the interplay of spins and lattice and to develop energy-efficient spintronics applications. >>> research

Prospective group members

Are you interested in our research? Let us know and stop by our lab. >>> people

Teaching and outreach

Our lab develops outreach experiments for students and teachers. To attend the demostrations, visit us during outreach events, like e.g. the Highlander Day. >>> outreach

To search for classes taught by Prof. Barsukov, please visit UCR classes (select a quarter and type Barsukov in the instructor field). Course materials are posted on iLearn.


Postal address:
Barsukov Group
UC Riverside, Physics
3401 Watkins Drive
Riverside, CA 92507

Laboratory location:
178 MSE building
tel: +1 951 827 5389

PI's office:
222 MSE building
tel: +1 951 827 5343

For visitors:
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Jan 2019: Prof. Barsukov delivers a talk on micro-scale microwave spectroscopy at the SHINES All-hands meeting.

Jan 2019: Hassan Al-Ghamdi and Abdulrahman Al-Bariqi graduate with MSc in Physics. Congratulations!

Jan 2019: Prof. Barsukov delivers a talk on exchange-mediated spin flows at the Joint Intermag-MMM 2019 Conference in Washington D.C.

Jan 2019: Prof. Barsukov accepts an invitation to serve on the program committee for the MMM 2019 conference in Las Vegas, NV.

Dec 2018: Prof. Barsukov delivers an invited seminar on magnon condensates and spin superfluidity at University Duisburg-Essen, Germany.

Dec 2018: Prof. Barsukov gives a series of invited lectures on magnetism at University Duisburg-Essen, Germany.

Nov 2018: Bassim Arkook delivers a talk on spin dynamics in coupled spin systems at the SHINES seminar.

Sept 2018: Our lab receives the collaborative DoE-EFRC grant "Spins and Heat in Nanoscale Electronic Systems".

Sept 2018: Prof. Barsukov has been elected to Divisional Executive Committee MIND of the American Vacuum Society.

Sept 2018: Prof. Barsukov delivers an invited seminar talk at the Nijmegen University, Netherlands.

Sept 2018: Prof. Barsukov is on a research stay at the University Duisburg-Essen and Helmholtz Research Center Dresden, Germany.

Aug 2018: Our lab receives NSF grant "Spin torque devices driven by tailored spin currents".

Jul 2018: Prof. Barsukov delivers an invited symposium talk at the Intl Conference on Magnetism in San Francisco, CA.

Jun 2018: Erik Hagen joins our group as Undergraduate Student Researcher.

Jun 2018: Prof. Barsukov delivers an invited talk at the Spin Caloritronics conference in Columbus, OH.

Jun 2018: Our team presents demonstration experiments on magnetism and spintronics for the Summer Teacher Academy.

Jun 2018: Esther Cookson graduates with BSc in physics. Congratulations!

Apr 2018: Highlander Day at UCR: Prof. Barsukov presents Condensed Matter Research and gives lab tours.

Mar 2018: Stephen Iota joins our lab as Undergraduate Student Researcher.

Mar 2018: Bassim Arkook delivers a talk at the APS March Meeting on magnon condensation in coupled spin systems.

Jan 2018: Bassim Arkook receives the APS Student Travel Award.

Dec 2017: Prof. Barsukov delivers an invited seminar on magnetism at the Teacher Academy Workshop.

Nov 2017: Bassim Arkook delivers a talk at the Magnetism and Magnetic Materials Conference on YIG/Py spin-torque oscillator nanodevices.

Oct 2017: Discover Day at UCR: Esther Cookson develops and our group presents an outreach program to the public.

Oct 2017: Esther Cookson develops and our group presents an outreach program at the Long Night of Arts and Innovation in Riverside Downtown. Hundreds of visitors are excited to see demonstration experiments on electromagnetism and spintronics. Our group receives a thank-you letter from the Mayor of Riverside.

Sep 2017: Bassim Arkook receives a Student Travel Award of the IEEE Magnetics Society.

Jun 2017: Rodolfo Rodriguez graduates as BSc (physics).