Interplay of spins and lattice

Our lab focuses on experimental condensed matter physics and spintronics in particular. We design magnetic nanoscale devices and study spin dynamics and spin transport using microwave/terahertz spectroscopy. The goal of this research is to better understand the interplay of magnons and phonons and to develop energy-efficient spintronics applications. >>> research

Prospective group members

Are you interested in our research? Let us know, stop by our lab for a discussion. >>> people

Teaching and outreach

Our lab develops outreach experiments and demonstrations for school students. You can stop by our lab during the Open House Days, schedule a tour, or work with us on the demos. >>> outreach

Prof. Barsukov teaches: Electromagnetism 135B in Winter-17 quarter and General Physics 040B in Spring-17 quarter. Course information and office hours shall be posted on iLearn.


SHINES research seminar series


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